Abstract Submission


Before submitting your abstract, please read carefully the rules for abstract preparation below.

TITLE; It should be short enough to represent the content of the abstract. All the titles must be written in uppercase letters.

AUTHOR(S); It should be written in order of NAME (only the First letter), and SURNAME (UPPER CASE). The authors’ names and surnames must be written clearly. Any title must not written.

INSTITUTION(S); The institution(s) must be written clearly which also includes the departments and cities in order of the authors. Authors and institutions do not need to be represented by any symbols.

ABSTRACTS; Abstracts should be prepared in plain text, should not contain any tables, pictures and formulas. The authors who intend to participate from outside of Turkey must write their abstracts in English.

MAIN TEXT is limited with 300 words; the TITLE, AUTHOR(s) and INSTITUTION(s) are excluded of this limitation. The abstract panel does not permit to be written over 300 words.

The abstract body includes TITLE, AUTHOR(s), INSTITUTION(s) and MAIN TEXT respectively. The subtitles in Main Text are as follows: AIM, METHOD, FINDINGS and CONCLUSION.

Please select your presentation type by choosing one of the items: as oral or as poster. The Scientific Committee has the authority to change the way of presentation.

The abstracts must be submitted online from the websitehttp://www.eng.cocukgelisimi2018.org/, and the ones sent by email will not be accepted.

1) If you visit the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PANEL for the first time, you should fill out the MEMBER REGISTRATION form.
2) After you complete the registration, you can enter to the abstract panel by writing your email address and password.
3) You can find the general rules under the menu item entitled Main Page in Abstract Submission Panel. You can change your registration details from the menu item entitled Personel Settings. And you can write in and save, and/or submit your abstract from the menu item entitled Abstract Submission.
4) When you enter to the Abstract Submission, please select your presentation type by choosing one of the items as oral or poster
5) Please fill out all the boxes in abstract area completely. You can CORRECT your abstract as long as you do not click the box at the bottom of the abstract area. By clicking SAVE button, you can save your abstract, and in your further sessions you can do your corrections/changes you need and add new text.
6) If you think that you will do changes and/or corrections or add new text, click the SAVE button, and if you if you want to submit your abstract to the Scientific Committee click the box at the bottom of the abstract area. You will not be able to make any changes or adding new text to the abstract once the abstract is submitted to the Scientific Committee.

The abstracts are limited with 300 words; Entries exceeding 300 word will be deleted automatically. The deadline for corrections and submission is July 06, 2018, and after this date you will have no chance to do any corrections or submission.

When you send your abstract by clicking the SITUATION box for submitting, you will have a message on the screen which informs you about your abstract is submitted automatically.  

The invitation letters  for accepted abstracts, including information on presentation types, will be sent to the corresponding authors on August 10, 2018. Accepted abstracts will also be listed on congress website at that time.

The abstracts which are accepted will be published in Abstract Book, and the full texts which will be demanded after congress will be published in Proceedings Book.

In order for presentations of abstracts to be present, it is mandatory that the author who will make the presentation has registered. For the abstracts which have more than one author, every author who wants to attend to the congress must be registered. The abstracts which are not presented as oral or poster will not be published. Oral presentations: The dates and hours of oral presentations will be announced after your abstract being accepted.

Poster presentations: The dates and hours of poster presentations will be announced after your abstract being accepted. Poster presentations will be done as e-posters and information about the preparations will be sent by invitation letters.


THE DEADLINE for ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Abstract submission is completed on 6th of July; thank you for your concern

The abstracts which are sent after this date will not be accepted. 


Each attendee just can present maximum two abstracts; undergraduates can not attend to the congress with paper.