Dear friends of child development,
As Department of Child Development at Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences, we would like to announce that our traditional congress will be held in partnership with the Hacettepe University Child Development and Education Department Alumni Association. It is a great honor for us to invite you to our International IV. Child Development Congress this year with the theme of “The remarkable journey of child development in last 50 years”
Department of Child Development and Education was founded in 1968 as the first Child Development Department in the country. Since then, our department educated thousands of graduates, performed first efforts and research on the field, organized the first congress, hosted leading researchers/professors on the field, helped new research areas to bloom, and played an important role to shape country politics during the past half-century.
Department of Child Development and Education, which always considers the best interest of the child and family and aims to increase the quality of life, observed recent improvements on health, development and education in Turkey and in the world in last 50 years and became pioneer on field of science. Our department is aiming to continue its mission to be pioneer on the field in the future as well. In this regard, we would like get together to share the improvements for the last 50 years of journey on the field of Child Development, to plan new projects that will shape the future and to create vision with your participation.

For that purpose, we are inviting researchers, public and private sector representatives who are interested in child studies and whose paths crossed with child from Turkey and from the world to share their research.  We are waiting for you to join us at International IV. Child Development Congress on October 22-24 2018 to witness the remarkable journey of child development in last 50 years in order to shape the next 50 years of child development.


Hayal Uğurlu

Co-Chair of the Congress

Prof. Dr. İsmihan ARTAN
Co-Chair of the Congress