Prof. Dr. Haluk YAVUZER

Child’s Two Areas of Freedom: Playing and Drawing
Professor Dr. Haluk YAVUZER graduated from Pedagogical Department, Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University in 1965 and gain his Ph.D. at the same department. He studied at the University of London on Child Psychology and Education and Child Guilty.
He sees parental education as compulsory for the child's development and education. Therefore In 1989, Yavuzer founded the parents' schools in the scope of "Mother and Father School Project". Also, he has led projects in 27 provinces and the spread of these services have reached thousands of parents in Turkey. He has shed light on scientists, professionals and parents with a large number of his books.
Dr. Yavuzer is a member of the senate and faculty board member, member of the Advisory Commission for the Education Sciences and Teacher Training Associate Professorship at the Universities Council. He is an Educational Coordinator for the Child Care and Education Staff Training Project for the 0-6 Years which is funded by European Union Council. He is also a TÜBİTAK Training and Communication member of the Evaluation Commission for Projects, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Darüşşafaka Society.
He aims to spread "Teacher Talks", which are from His research studies and aimed at the education of teachers in entire country.
Dr. Yavuzer is currently a lecturer at the Department of Child Development at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Medipol University, Istanbul.